[DWJ] Help with DARK LORD page reference (reading aloud)

A.M. Winslow debrisoftheages at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jul 4 23:36:53 EDT 2010

About reading aloud -- I read some article in which DWJ said she purposefully read her stories aloud to make sure they read smoothly.  I sure appreciate it.  I love reading aloud, but some books are absolutely impossible or just don't sound right.  Hers are lovely, though.  I've so far read all the Chrestomanci novels (and short stories) plus Fire and Hemlock and Dogsbody aloud, mostly to my little sister.  I don't think I've ever come across any other novels which are so smooth and fun to read aloud as DWJ's.  Heh.  I've actually tried that technique for my own writing a little, too -- reading aloud short stories and such.  It's actually really good for editing, so for anyone else out there . . .
But really, I'm immensely grateful for her read-aloudability.  And it does make those long car rides feel so much shorter.
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> >
> > And unrelated, but possibly of interest to others who haven't discovered
> > this: DWJ books are great to read out loud--good sentence length,
> > opportunities for interesting inflection and funny voices. My family has
> a
> > 10-hour drive to get to my in-laws, and nice as music is, books make the
> > drive go much faster. So far I've read Tale of Time City (made me notice
> the
> > word "matutinal," which I had apparently been skipping over in 20 years
> of
> > reading the book silently), The Pinhoe Egg (I think this is the only one
> > where we didn't finish it on the way there; and making griffin noises is
> > quite amusing, both to the noise-maker and the listeners), and on this
> most
> > recent trip, a double feature of Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways
> > (reading Twinkle's lithp was also quite amusing). Those are each 8-hour
> > books, the way I read.
> >
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