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On Sat, Jul 3, 2010 at 1:34 PM, Kyla Mackay-Smith <kyla at keyfitz.org> wrote:

> Inquiring minds want to know--what are you needing references for? An
> article? Sounds interesting.

We - that's Charlie, Maureen Kincaid Speller and I - are guest editing a DWJ
issue of the *JFA* - arising from the con, which I've just realised started
a year ago today.   It is interesting because the papers are fascinating,
but I have to admit it was just a *bit* more fun being there.


> And unrelated, but possibly of interest to others who haven't discovered
> this: DWJ books are great to read out loud--good sentence length,
> opportunities for interesting inflection and funny voices. My family has a
> 10-hour drive to get to my in-laws, and nice as music is, books make the
> drive go much faster. So far I've read Tale of Time City (made me notice the
> word "matutinal," which I had apparently been skipping over in 20 years of
> reading the book silently), The Pinhoe Egg (I think this is the only one
> where we didn't finish it on the way there; and making griffin noises is
> quite amusing, both to the noise-maker and the listeners), and on this most
> recent trip, a double feature of Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways
> (reading Twinkle's lithp was also quite amusing). Those are each 8-hour
> books, the way I read.
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