[DWJ] pronunciation of Wermacht?

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Jan 19 17:09:31 EST 2010

>My kids have been asking how to pronounce Wermacht. I just finished reading
>_Year of the Griffin_ to Peter (yes, we still read bedtime stories even
>though he's eleven and in sixth grade), and started out saying it
>German-fashion, with an initial vee-sound, but then it sounded wrong and I
>anglicized it. And does he ever escape his, erm, final fate? (I know, silly
>to avoid spoilers for a book that's been out for years, but DWJ's written so
>many that quite likely there are folks here who haven't gotten to it yet.)

Helen, perish forfend that the way DWJ says it should be in any way evidential.

DWJ says she has never been sure, because although I gave her that name for
the odious little man of whom he is a portrait (and he is a portrait, one
of the very few deliberate ones she has ever written) and I called him
Veer-mahkt as you would expect, she also loves the anglicised "worm-act",
which she says he definitely was.  Both a worm, and an act.  A pompous
little person who thought he was god's gift to the patient (DWJ being one
of the patients who did not agree with his self-valuation) and strutted
about the wards with a little haggle of acolytes hanging on his every word.

He does not escape his fate, as far as she is concerned, and nor did he
deserve to.



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