[DWJ] pronunciation of Wermacht?

Helen Schinske hschinske at aol.com
Tue Jan 19 16:09:03 EST 2010

My kids have been asking how to pronounce Wermacht. I just finished reading 
_Year of the Griffin_ to Peter (yes, we still read bedtime stories even 
though he's eleven and in sixth grade), and started out saying it 
German-fashion, with an initial vee-sound, but then it sounded wrong and I 
anglicized it. And does he ever escape his, erm, final fate? (I know, silly 
to avoid spoilers for a book that's been out for years, but DWJ's written so 
many that quite likely there are folks here who haven't gotten to it yet.)

I did check the archives (also under Wehrmacht), and it seems we've never 
discussed Wermacht before, which seems unlikely, but who knows.

I have _Enchanted Glass_ on order from the US Amazon-- added it and the 
latest Young Wizards book (Diane Duane, also not out until April) to an 
order back in December so as to get free shipping for the thing I was 
ordering for Christmas. So I won't have it until April, mump, mump. I guess 
they can be rewards for getting the taxes done.

Helen Schinske 

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