[DWJ] OT: Ursula Vernon

Otter Perry ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com
Tue Feb 9 20:50:12 EST 2010

I learned about Ursula Vernon from this list, so here's
some news:

The second Dragonbreath was released 2/4/10.
[Dragonbreath:  Attack of the Ninja Frogs]  I think I like
it better than the first one.

Also the first Dragonbreath [Dragonbreath] earned out*
in October!  She just heard this from her agent.

The third is due out 9/16/10.  [Dragonbreath:  Curse
of the Were-Wiener]

And she's into the slog of doing the fourth.

Also, for diehard fans, she's working on the proofs of
the second part of Black Dogs.

* "earned out":  royalties exceeded the author's advance.
I just learned this from her livejournal.


The mome rath isn't born that could
outgrabe me.

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