[DWJ] OT sort of

Sally Odgers sally at sallyodgers.com
Wed Feb 3 21:49:14 EST 2010

I appeal to the list. Do we have any French speakers here? My Little 
Horrors series is being translated into French and the character names 
are almost all changed. For some deeply surreal reason, the names I 
gave my mer family which WERE French have been changed to (unrelated) 
Spanish names. 

Drum Roll. 

Mal de Mer has become Aqua de Mere
Her mother Eau has become Stella
Her father Beau has become Lupe
and her sister Sal has become Conchita. 

Flax Lilykicker from the "Flax" book is now Flax 

The Scottish water hags, Maggie Nabbie, Auld Anni and Kirsty Breeks, 
are now called Grippyne, Ritalyne and Cora Crampe. They are now 
sorcieres aquatiques.  I cannot find any meaning for the first two 
names, though both sound like patent medicines. Can anyone enlighten me?

ODWJM... um... name/nationality changing (Howl) is a very DWJ subject?
Sally Odgers

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