[DWJ] Chrestomanci needs help in the YA Fantasy Showdown

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Thu Aug 12 14:00:08 EDT 2010

On Thu, 12 Aug 2010, Katarina Hjärpe wrote:

>> How's about Pretty Pearl or Justice and her brothers;
>> Forty-Seven; the Matsika siblings and Matt Alacran; Anand and
>> Nisha; Gregor the Overlander; Zahrah the Windseeker and Eiji
>> Ugabe; Yep's Thorn; Rex's Tip. (Can you tell I just made a
>> syllabus for YA fantasy and science fiction and these books are
>> on my mind?)
>> I *so *want* *a showdown between Zahrah or Eiji and... someone. They'd
> both kick massive ass. Tip too. Can you give me a hint on the other chars?
> Somehow I doubt I'll have much luck googling "Forty-Seven".

Heh, I totally should have provided more context. I was getting
all up on my high horse. :P

Virginia Hamilton wrote The Magical Adventures of Pretty Pearl
(folkloric fantasy) and The Justice Trilogy (very weird, dreamy
science fiction). Nancy Farmer wrote The Ear, the Eye, and the
Arm (Middle grade science fiction about the Matsika kids) and
House of the Scorpion (very dark young adult dystopian science
fiction). Anand and Nisha appear in Chitra Banerjee
Divakarunitrilogy that begins with The Conch Bearer (the trilogy
begins as fantasy and ends as another weird, dreamy science
fiction/fantasy combination). Zahrah and Eiji you know, but for
everyone else, they are from Nnedi Okorafor's futuristic
fantasy-flavored science fiction world with computers made out of
flowers. Thorn is from Lawrence Yep's Dragons of The Lost Sea
fantasy trilogy. Tip you also know, from Adam Rex's The True
Meaning of Smekday (science fiction). Forty-seven is the hero of
Walter Mosley's _47_(also a fairly dreamy science fiction).
Gregor the Overlander is the hero of Suzanne Collins's middle
grade series of the same name (fantasy).

Eiji, I think, would have a great time whipping Gemma Doyle in
the showdown.


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