[DWJ] Chrestomanci needs help in the YA Fantasy Showdown

Katarina Hjärpe katarina.hjarpe at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 13:30:20 EDT 2010

> How's about Pretty Pearl or Justice and her brothers;
> Forty-Seven; the Matsika siblings and Matt Alacran; Anand and
> Nisha; Gregor the Overlander; Zahrah the Windseeker and Eiji
> Ugabe; Yep's Thorn; Rex's Tip. (Can you tell I just made a
> syllabus for YA fantasy and science fiction and these books are
> on my mind?)
> I *so *want* *a showdown between Zahrah or Eiji and... someone. They'd
both kick massive ass. Tip too. Can you give me a hint on the other chars?
Somehow I doubt I'll have much luck googling "Forty-Seven".


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