[DWJ] Comic strip about the Magicians of Caprona

Jenny Schwartzberg schwartzbergj at newberry.org
Fri Apr 16 14:25:13 EDT 2010

I agree that the strip makes no sense and might discourage people from 
reading the Magicians of Caprona, which is not what is supposed to 
happen with the Unshelved book club panels.  Sigh.  Very frustrating!!

It very much depends on their guest artists to make these panels work, 
unfortunately.  I presume since this artist picked that book, she must 
have liked it enough to recommend it but I declare an epic fail for this 

Hmm.  Are there any other comic strips out there that refer to DWJ???

> I dunno. There ARE puppets in the book, and they ARE creepy. But 
> making the book into a puppet show distorts things. I am not quite 
> sure how you make puppets be creeped out at being puppets.
> I didn't think the strip made sense at all -- they hadn't chosen the 
> right things to make any element of the situation clear. You can't 
> even tell the difference between Tonino and Paolo (of course I always 
> get them mixed up in the book, anyway -- somehow Paolo seems like a 
> more diffident name, and suits Tonino better than his own does, though 
> Paolo isn't a very brash person either).
> Helen Schinske

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