[DWJ] Comic strip about the Magicians of Caprona

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> On Apr 16, 2010, at 9:01 AM, Jenny Schwartzberg wrote:
>> *What do you think?  Would it make someone who hadn't read the  book, go 
>> and find a copy to read?
>> Yours,
>> Jenny Schwartzberg
>> The Newberry Library
> Speaking for myself? No.
> I think the puppets are creepy.

I dunno. There ARE puppets in the book, and they ARE creepy. But making the 
book into a puppet show distorts things. I am not quite sure how you make 
puppets be creeped out at being puppets.

I didn't think the strip made sense at all -- they hadn't chosen the right 
things to make any element of the situation clear. You can't even tell the 
difference between Tonino and Paolo (of course I always get them mixed up in 
the book, anyway -- somehow Paolo seems like a more diffident name, and 
suits Tonino better than his own does, though Paolo isn't a very brash 
person either).

Helen Schinske 

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