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I just read Jennifer Cruise & Bob Mayer's latest book, WILD RIDE.  I thought that it would be a suspense novel like their last one, AGNES & THE HIT MAN, but it's not - it's a fantasy.  I enjoyed it; it's full of little zinger sentences and joke.s


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Hi all,
o I was reading on Neil Gaiman's blog, and he has an anthology he edited
oming out in June.  Its subtitle says "all-new tales," and he says one of
he stories is by DWJ.  So I'm guessing this means a new DWJ story in June,
nless anyone knows anything to the contrary.  Apologies if everyone already
new all about this.
 just read A Conspiracy of Kings (Megan Whalen Turner).  It's so funny
eading her books, because you just KNOW there will be plot twists, so
ou're just watching and waiting.  I'm guessing not everyone has read it
et?  So maybe I should just wait to say anything else.
nyone read anything else good lately?  I've been doing less reading for fun
his year than I have any other year of my life since I started reading, and
'd appreciate some recommendations!
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