[DWJ] a call for letters.

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at netvision.net.il
Mon Apr 5 17:05:34 EDT 2010

I received this link:


I always feel awkward about this kind of thing, because I know not all
people like this type of attention, and I wonder if Diana is one of them.
But I *DO* most definitely love Diana Wynne Jones with a passion, and if
there is anything at all I can do to brighten her day, I will do it. I
recently met with Diana's agent, Laura Cecil, at the Bologna Children's
Bookfair, and the discussion did turn to Diana's health. Apparantly she is
not feeling well at all. I know she's been through health-nightmares over
the years and licked them all, I always think of her as being so resilient.
I was heartbroken in Bristol that she was not well enough to make an
appearance at the conference devoted to her work. Diana Wynne Jones has been
my favorite author for years, and an important influence on my life and
career - I wish her all the best, with all my heart.


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