[DWJ] DWJ in the school library (or not)

Irina Rempt irina at valdyas.org
Sun Sep 27 01:34:53 EDT 2009

On Sunday 27 September 2009 02:29 Eleanor Joslin wrote:

> At least, now the two sites are amalgamating, students of 14+ who are
> still hooked on YA will have access to the books from the lower school
> library again, while those in lower years who want to try something
> "older" will be able to find Kazuo Ishiguro and Ian McEwan and all the
> other fashionable Booker shortlist type stuff that the upper school
> library largely consists of now.

I hope they won't institute a new library policy with the amalgamation, and 
'cleanse' the whole library of 'trash'! 


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