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Victoria dragonflygreen11 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 11 14:12:11 EST 2009

Otter Perry wrote:
>Meanwhile, can anybody think of an adult heroine who menstruates?
>Other than in chicklit, where I suppose they do, but I don't read it
>so I don't really know.

Someone else mentioned a Le Guin story--I think she's generally pretty forthright about menstruation and other bodily functions.  Another instance: in Tehanu, Tenar is startled into a lie about some bloody linen soaking in a tub.  Someone had been stabbed with a pitchfork, but she tells her child that her period came on early.  I'm sure I could come up with other instances where needing to use the toilet and/or menstruation are mentioned in the course of things.  I like that.  It has to fit with the writing style, though, or it can take you out of the story.  Le Guin is a very earthy writer, for the most part, so it fits.


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