[DWJ] Splatchers and Ransome was Re: branding books (was What are you reading?)

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Sun Nov 8 18:48:15 EST 2009

Rosemary Hopkins wrote:
> The heroine in Geoffrey Trease's The Arpino Assignment --- It
also refers to "the castor-oil treatment" and its humiliating
results; Trease clearly expected his readers to know what these
would be, but as a child I didn't.

I assume you do now, so I will mention that the Germans in the Nazi era 
were reputed to force people they didn't like to drink a quart! of 
castor oil.  If you were healthly and lucky, it just made you sick 
upwards and down, but you survived.  You just wished you were dead.

And of course, there is the pie eating contest sequence in the movie 
Stand by Me*, if I recall correctly, or some other Stephen King-based 

Mark Allums

* Based on "The Body", a King short story.

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