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And this reminds me of Connie Willis' short story "Even the Queen," which
deals with romanticizing natural functions. . . I haven't read it recently
enough to make a tidy point here, but I do reccomend it.

Especially because in this quote it's not entirely clear if it's the
grandmother or the adolescent who is drawing with her menstrual blood. . ..


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> Concerning menstruation, this bit in Isabel Allende's Zorro novel is about
> a
> minor character, but I found it pretty unforgettable:
> *When Bernardo started smiling again, the grandmother decided that she had
> done all she could for him and that the time had come to send him back to
> the de la Vega hacienda. She was occupied in the rites and ceremonies that
> would acknowledge Light-in-the-Night's first menstrual period; nearly
> overnight she was an adolescent. That sudden transition did not distance
> her
> from Bernardo; on the contrary, it seemed to bring them closer together. As
> a farewell, she took him once again to the river and on a rock, using her
> menstrual blood, drew two birds in flight. "This is us, we will always fly
> together," she told him. Bernardo spontaneously kissed her and then ran off
> like the wind, with his body aflame.*
> I'm all for novels talking about bodily functions, but I have to admit,
> this
> made me go WTF.
> Katta
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