[DWJ] Personal Plumbing was Splatchers and Ransome was branding books was What are you reading?

Katarina Hjärpe katarina.hjarpe at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 16:09:35 EST 2009

Concerning menstruation, this bit in Isabel Allende's Zorro novel is about a
minor character, but I found it pretty unforgettable:

*When Bernardo started smiling again, the grandmother decided that she had
done all she could for him and that the time had come to send him back to
the de la Vega hacienda. She was occupied in the rites and ceremonies that
would acknowledge Light-in-the-Night's first menstrual period; nearly
overnight she was an adolescent. That sudden transition did not distance her
from Bernardo; on the contrary, it seemed to bring them closer together. As
a farewell, she took him once again to the river and on a rock, using her
menstrual blood, drew two birds in flight. "This is us, we will always fly
together," she told him. Bernardo spontaneously kissed her and then ran off
like the wind, with his body aflame.*

I'm all for novels talking about bodily functions, but I have to admit, this
made me go WTF.


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