[DWJ] What are you reading?

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at netvision.net.il
Fri Nov 6 14:21:56 EST 2009

Beck wrote:

>> I know I still get excited re-reading my edition of 'The Painted Garden'
by Noel Streatfeild, which has whole chapters left out of the Puffin

Does it REALLY? Pray tell me more about this! I feel like such a slacker for
not knowing this. I translated this book into Hebrew about a year ago. I did
know there were differences between the American and British editions, and
the editor working on my translation had to ask me for my copy of the book
because hers was all Americanised and different, but I did not realise the
difference was as great as entire chapters. If you could direct me to
somewhere where this had been discussed, I'd really appreciate it...

>>I read a children's book by Phillip Reeve called 'Mortal Engines' which
was rather vivid and fabulous, though not quite as convincing as DWJ. What
are the sequels like?

I think Reeve is marvellous. I've read the first sequel - something
Predators? - which I thought a worthy followup, and a prequel called "Fever
Crumb" which I liked best of all. His "Larklight" trilogy is tons of fun,

Sorry, I'm so bad with remembering book titles...

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