[DWJ] Personal Plumbing was Splatchers and Ransome was branding books was What are you reading?

Eleanor Joslin eleanor at dreamvine.org.uk
Fri Nov 6 12:00:58 EST 2009

Kathleen Jennings wrote:
> It does really bother me
> when there is no way that they could happen off the page and yet
> they're ignored - eg when someone is tied up for a day or two, or
> trapped in a cave, or we get 24 style action and there is literally no
> time for anyone to stop and relieve themselves and yet they don't feel
> any particular discomfort.

When DWJ has blatantly done this, e.g. with the people in the 
stass-tombs in Hexwood, I tend to assume there's some phlebotinum* that 
means they don't need to go.  Probably the same thing that lets them 
survive without eating (which would be nearly enough on its own, come to 
think of it).

I wrote a story where this was explicitly stated.  It puzzled a 
character who didn't know about the phlebotinum and expected there to be 
more mess.

* http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AppliedPhlebotinum


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