[DWJ] Personal Plumbing was Splatchers and Ransome was branding books was What are you reading?

Kathleen Jennings kathleen.jennings at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 23:18:53 EST 2009

I'm not actually that keen on knowing too much about physical
processes unless they relate to the story/world - I just assume
they're going on as per (roughly) normal. It does really bother me
when there is no way that they could happen off the page and yet
they're ignored - eg when someone is tied up for a day or two, or
trapped in a cave, or we get 24 style action and there is literally no
time for anyone to stop and relieve themselves and yet they don't feel
any particular discomfort.

Otter Perry <ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com> wrote:
> Meanwhile, can anybody think of an adult heroine who menstruates?

It's often specifically brought up so it can be done away with - eg in
Alison Goodman's The Two Pearls of Wisdom, the heroine is taking a
drugged & poisonous tea to stop it.


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