[DWJ] branding books (was What are you reading?)

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu Nov 5 11:48:38 EST 2009

Me and Otter:
>> I thought Jesus boots was simply a clever way of saying "sandals".
>Well, I've seen them, though it's been 40 years or more.  They
>were fairly big, like big snowshoes, and thick and had slanty
>bits on the bottoms to make directional travel possible.  They
>were made of something relatively light, though I'm not sure
>what that would have been.  They were _not_ easy to use.

I don't think they sound it; but then, nor are splatchers.  Wouldn't a boat
be simply, well *simpler*?

>And, courtesy of Google, I now know what a splatcher is.

They are an important part of *Secret Water*, and the reason that Mastodon
is so called.

In their case a boat would be of no use whatever as a substitute.


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