[DWJ] Porn? (was What are we reading?)

jenne at fiedlerfamily.net jenne at fiedlerfamily.net
Wed Nov 4 21:17:33 EST 2009

> I'd be interested to know whether people here, who obviously do read
> not-porn not-romance (well, DWJ isn't porn, though some of her books have
> romances in them) have views about this.

Well, I admit that I prefer my sweaty-naked reading to be actual pornish
stuff, rather than stuck in the middle of a book that is supposed to be
*about the plot*! At Book Expo several years ago I discovered the modern
romance genre described as 'Romantica' (romantic erotica, I guess) and
gravitate to that for my covert reading. Given the inherent ridiculousness
of descriptions of human sexual gyrations, especially those that try not
to be erotica, I find the blow by blow (NO PUN INTENDED, thank you) rather
distracting even from romance.

-- Jenne Heise / Jadwiga Zajaczkowa
jenne at fiedlerfamily.net

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