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Helen Schinske hschinske at aol.com
Wed Nov 4 12:28:32 EST 2009

> On Wed, 4 Nov 2009 07:33:53 -0000, Jane Scarlett wrote:
>>I haven't read this, but read Uncle Tom's Cabin about a year ago, and it 
>>a real struggle.  Fascinating to see how much attitudes have changed,
>>because I found it horribly patronising, characters mostly unbelievable,
>>dreadful plot, mawkish sentiment.  Hard to reconcile the book with the
>>impact it had at the time.  Has anyone else read it?
I can't remember many specifics, alas, but I do remember liking it much 
better than I had expected to. I think many of the characters have taken on 
stereotypes of their own in later literature due to being quite different in 
the play versions (I believe there was more than one adaptation for the 
stage). For instance, don't we all think of Uncle Tom as being at least in 
late middle age, if not old? In the book, he's quite young -- I forget how 
old exactly, but a strapping fellow in at *most* his middle thirties (I 
think he may be under thirty when he first appears, but I won't swear to 
it). And Little Eva, on her first appearance (before she gets ill), is a 
completely hyperactive child, not at ALL what I had expected.

Helen Schinske 

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