[DWJ] Porn? (was What are we reading?)

Sally Odgers sally at sallyodgers.com
Wed Nov 4 11:36:41 EST 2009

Sally Odgers

Quoting Roger Burton West <roger at firedrake.org>:
> On Wed, Nov 04, 2009 at 01:19:32PM +0000, Minnow wrote:
> >I conclude that a book might be porn if people read it *for* the sexual
> >descriptions and titilation thereby, and not-porn if they read it *in spite
> >of* the sex-bits. 
> Pornography is in the reaction of the reader. For people with the
> appropriate fetishes, the right sort of clothing catalogue is porn. 
> R

There has been the odd discussion on writer loops about the differences 
between erotica, porn and romantica. The general feeling is that 
romantica is STORY/CHARACTERS/EMOTION first, sex second, while erotica 
is STORY/CHARACTERS/SEX/EMOTION equal. Generally, porn is thought to 
have a lack of emotion, and also characters in it often get used 
without their consent. Most of the erotic romance publishers I've 
encountered have a list of lines they won't cross, and which they don't 
want their authors crossing either. One of the most complicated is the 
No Sex Under 18, which is difficult in a historical or some species of 
fantasy/sf? Leave the Sheep Alone is another maxim... but hey, what if 
your lover is a weresheep? Or a shapeshiftersheep? Don't Hurt/Harm the 
punters is another one, so long as you're NOT the villain. You see how 
complicated it gets. 

Sallyo from Tassie (who occasionally moonlights as Someone Else from 
Somewhere Else but who hasn't yet used a weresheep, in or out of a 

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