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I actually have read Pilgrim's Progress--because it was mentioned so much in
Little Women, though I'm not sure if I read both parts.  (I think I
literally read every book Louisa May Alcott ever wrote; I was the only
little girl in southern Virginia in the early 90s who spoke in an 1880s New
England writing style.) though I was a lit major, and a religion major, and
I never had it come up in conversation anyway. . ..  I've never read Moby
Dick.  I think I was too squeamish when I was younger to bear reading about
killing whales, and I've just never quite gotten around to it since.

Interestingly enough, the -other- book that was, with the Bible, very likely
to be found in early American homes--Plutarch.  I originally learned this
from "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," and was excited to find out that it
was somewhat true.

I like Mark Twain best in small amounts.  He's hilarious in quotes, amusing
in short stories, and overbearing in bulk.


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> Incidentally, a book you kind of have to have read to understand a lot
> of other stuff -- like you have to have read the Bible and Shakespeare --
> is _Pilgrim's Progress_, both parts if possible.  I had that read to me as
> a
> child and am the only person I know who rereads it with any regularity
> [once every ten years or so].  Of course, my sample is very, very small,
> because if you're not a lit major, which I wasn't, it's not likely to come
> up in conversation.
> [I know it's not American, but it was the book most likely to be in
>  American homes after the Bible for a long time, at least in
>  Protestant homes.  _Everybody_ read it.]
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