[DWJ] What are you reading?

Beck Laxton becklaxton at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 3 19:20:15 EST 2009

What a perfect thread to get us all talking again! Has anyone else had the thought that they ought to keep a book diary the way dieters are supposed to keep a food diary? I have no idea how many books I read in a week, but I suspect it's more than I think... 

I am very pleased to have just bought (from Oxfam) a proper edition of Little Women, with footnotes, and some bits normally edited out kept in - which I think is just the names of the dances Meg does when she goes to the Gardiners' dance with Jo in Chapter 3. Does anyone know what was risqué about a redova? I think it was someone on Girlsown who mentioned this edition; I know I still get excited re-reading my edition of 'The Painted Garden' by Noel Streatfeild, which has whole chapters left out of the Puffin paperback. 

Also this week, I bought a new edition of Barbara Trapido's 'Noah's Ark', to replace my original edition, in which the sub-editing is so dire it's almost unreadable. I'd like to know whether it was Trapido herself or some idiotic sub who decided to ignore the convention that names in direct speech are parenthetical. So Beck I would like to ask you why are you so pedantic? That's what it does, all the way through. Ugh. 

I bought and read the first part of Lois McMaster Buhold's Sharing Knnife series. It was this list that got me on to Bujold and I've been loving her to bits, having read almost everything several times by now, and A Civil Campaign *lots*. I'm not quite sure about Beguilement yet - it's just a little too comfy. But Bujold is always intelligent, and that counts for an awful lot. 

I read a children's book by Phillip Reeve called 'Mortal Engines' which was rather vivid and fabulous, though not quite as convincing as DWJ. What are the sequels like? 

Oh - and I found a review of 'House of Many Ways' in a random copy of 'The Spectator' that I found in a skip! Did everyone know about this except me? It was completely unexpected. 

I also found a copy of Cosmopolitan in the skip. The magazine used to have feminist leanings. That was obviously a very, very long time ago. These days it seems to be anti-feminist slush of the most seditious sort. Botox as self-empowerment and that kind of thing. Left a nasty taste. 

Oh, and our book group, on my recommendation (gulp), read Matt Ridley's 'The Origins of Virtue'. This was a book that changed my life, but I'd forgotten how long ago that was! Several people said it was all very old hat now; nobody marked it higher than 5 out of 10. But we talked about the topics it raised for the rest of the evening.... 

Sawston, Cambridgeshire, England


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