[DWJ] Classic books

Elizabeth Evans er.evans at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Nov 3 17:58:04 EST 2009

Minnow reflected on the art of reading Dickens:

My mother suggested to me, quite seriously, that the best way to read most
of Dickens' work was the way it was written for: one chapter a month,
re-reading a couple of times during that month and speculating about what
might come next, as though it were coming out in a magazine in serial form.

Actually, that method is similar to the way I am currently reading 'Anna Karenina'. I was always put off reading Tolstoy by his wordiness and the great length of the books (made a start on 'War and Peace' once, but abandoned it after about page 3). However, I have discovered this great site, DailyLit, http://www.dailylit.com/  which delivers books to your desktop, chapter by chapter, on a daily basis.
Today's episode is no. 341 of 430. In these small bite-sized chunks I have the time to appreciate Tolstoy's understanding of different characters and the way he gets this across. I still veer between understanding what motivates Anna and being completely puzzled by her. I suppose this varies depending on whose POV is being shown at the time.


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