[DWJ] Classic books (was What are you reading?)

Ehsan Roudiani es at historicalfact.com
Tue Nov 3 17:14:20 EST 2009

I love Thackeray, and quite like Dickens but not enormously. I've  
loved Thackeray for years though, read Vanity Fair when I was about 13  
and I'm sure most of it went over my head, but didn't get into Dickens  
until well into my 20s.

On 3 Nov 2009, at 19:24, Helen Schinske wrote:

> I've heard a theory that people who don't like Dickens tend to like  
> Thackeray, and vice versa. I like Dickens quite a lot, and Thackeray  
> off and on.
> Charlotte Bronte thought Thackeray was brilliant, as is well known.  
> I can't remember if she ever said anything about Dickens at all.
> Helen Schinske

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