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Mon Nov 2 21:55:57 EST 2009

Ha. . . I hadn't heard much about Liar other than the whole cover affair
(the girl on the original cover was significantly whiter than the actual
main character, and people complained--it's the second part of this equation
I find more surprising), so I looked it up on Amazon. . . and the first
review has what seems to be a really major spoiler.  So be warned.

As for my reading, nothing too amazing: I finally read all of the Twilight
books a bit ago, with a fairly negative opinion of them but for that more
interest in Twilight, or at least in the whole Twilight thing, than you
might expect for having been reduced to a quivering rage by certain parts of
the books. . . rage that did not stop me from reading the entire series in a
single weekend, so there you go ;)  I read and enjoyed thoroughly Patrick
Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind, and read and mostly enjoyed Joe
Abercrombie's Best Served Cold, and started but ended up skimming through
Brandon Sanderson's The Final Empire.  I have Lev Grossman's The Magicians
on my shelf (with Jellicoe Road) to be read in the next week or so, and was
very very excited to preorder both The Enchanted Glass and the next Connie
Willis book.

My real addiction, though, isn't reading: I've spent the past year or so
obsessively checking Great Courses titles out of the public library,
focusing mainly on religion, social sciences, and history.  The Teaching
Company has the Great Courses series, where they get pretty good professors
to teach a lecture on a certain subject.  These can be as specific as
"Building Great Sentences" (which I don't particularly recommend for anyone
who has taken writing courses) or as broad as "The Wisdom of History" (which
I don't recommend for anyone with liberal political leanings).  I do
recommend most of them, though, especially anything by Robert Bucholz or
Garret Fagan, and especially especially John McWhorter's courses on


On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 6:43 PM, Minnow <minnow at belfry.org.uk> wrote:

> >On Mon, 2 Nov 2009, Minnow wrote:
> >> I don't think that what I am reading at the moment is exactly suitable
> for
> >> discussion
> >
> >Hee!  To be fair, I'm only thinking of the fiction I'm reading
> >and ignoring the fact that what I'm mostly buried in these days
> >is Perl Best Practices and The Definitive Guide to Catalyst.
> >
> >-deborah. geek.
> See what I mean?
> Enc Brit isn't really suitable either.
> We could have a stab at "is nicking the rise and fall of the Roman Empire
> for the plot a reasonable writing-tool?" from the Sword of KNoledge ones, I
> s'pose.
> Minnow
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