[DWJ] Teaching Dark Lord again

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Mon Nov 2 20:50:19 EST 2009

On Mon, 2 Nov 2009, Jackie E Stallcup wrote:
> Anyway, once we were done discussing genre, we had a great conversation
> about ethics and choices.  We also talked about DWJ's use of violence and
> how it compared to the way that violence and war are portrayed in
> Tolkien's work.  In the honors course, we talked a lot about what happens
> to Shona when the soldiers escape, but this time it didn't even come up
> (hmm.... now that I'm thinking about that, I wonder why?)
> We also discussed evil and how evil is portrayed in Tolkien vs. DL:
> Sauron vs Mr. Chesney, Saruman vs Barnabas, orcs vs demon and dragon. And
> where does Querida fit in?  Why does she seem to get off scot free with
> no consequences at the end?  (I hadn't seen it that way, but the students
> were pretty unforgiving about her deceit).

please tell me you wouldn't mind if I steal some of these ideas
for next time I teach that book. But because this sounds like a
fantastic conversation.

Our conversation about the book was more about where it subverts
and where it supports tropes in general, I think heavily focusing
on gender, because that was one of the easiest things for people
to see.

> We'll be doing Sabriel next week and pairing that up in the following
> week with Christopher Moore's Dirty Job.  I'm sure most of you have read
> Sabriel, but how about Dirty Job?  I love it but haven't taught it before
> (and am being observed by my chair during that session--eep!)

Bwahaha! We are also doing Sabriel next week (matched with
Coraline and The House with the Clock in Its Walls). I haven't
read Dirty Job, though.

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