[DWJ] What are you reading?

Jenny Schwartzberg schwartzbergj at newberry.org
Mon Nov 2 14:27:19 EST 2009

Ah, I don't know if what I'm reading is appropriate for discussion, 
except that it's the very first novel for adolescents, Les Aventures de 
Telemaque, fils d'Ulysse (first published in 1699).  Known in English as 
The Adventures of Telemachus, the son of Ulysses.  I'd be curious if 
anyone on the list knows this book and how they come to know it since 
it's mostly forgotten today except as a French "classic" novel.  But in 
its day it was a major bestseller in all the European languages and 
remained part of every well-educated boy's library for two centuries.

Jenny Schwartzberg

> I'm curious what people are reading.

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