[DWJ] Diana's health

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri May 29 08:23:38 EDT 2009

Diana has asked me to let the list know that she is apologetically having
to say she can't make it to the conference in Bristol.  There is a strong
chance that by August she will be in no fit state to do anything much
outside her house even if she isn't in hospital at the time, what with one
thing and another.  So she feels that saying so now is only fair.  This is
on the website, because Charlie knows and has put it there, but it may not
have reached everyone on the list here who may be planning their trip to
the conference.

I have been authorised to tell people that she has been diagnosed as having
three cracked bones in her spine as the result of a fall on her stairs (in
the bit they can't operate on easily because other things get in the way
and so didn't do anything to last time round), hepatitis or at least a
liver that is behaving as if she had been having hepatitis and giving her
or possibly being caused by a calcium and a vitamin D deficiency (it was
hurrying to answer the door to someone come to do blood-tests for this that
led to her fall), and lung cancer.  Or as she might put it, "if it's not
one thing, it's *three* things, and I call it downright unreasonable of

She has also asked me to reassure people that because a chest x-ray was
done in the course of trying to find out what on earth was going on, the
cancer has been caught very early and is small and operable.

Even so, any operation leaves a person unfit to do anything much for a
while after it, so crying off before she is forced to seemed to her the
only thing to do.


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