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> Well, *I* liked the Bastables! The Treasure-seekers, anyway. I was
> never particularly fond of the Would-be-goods. But I liked the voice
> of the treasure-seekers, and their ideas and adventures and the
> trouble they got into, and I'm never sure if that's because it
> reflected some of the things we got up to in our childhood or because
> it inspired them!
I do remember being disappointed that the Bastable books weren't magic, and 
taking longer to get to like them (in the end I got very fond of them), but 
in general the children seemed much like the children in the magic books, 
only a little more fully described. The naivete and self-centeredness are 
just as present in all Nesbit's children, seems to me. I know one of the 
children, probably Alice, breaks down and cries about their never doing 
anything right, and it seemed to me a much darker statement than Nesbit 
probably meant it to be. I remember that worry that I could never possibly 
manage being a grown-up, given that I was making such a hash of being a 
child, and it was very real.

Helen Schinske 

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