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sally at sallyodgers.com sally at sallyodgers.com
Thu May 28 08:55:12 EDT 2009

What IS it with Elizabeth Goudge? "Four children, mother dead, father in 
India..." OK, that's a cliche, but it probably wasn't when the book Linnets 
and Valerians was written. I wanted to love that, and the Little White 
Horse, but I just never could. So what IS it? Did anyone else find it 
unbelievable that Maria (I think) never noticed the "dog" wasn't a dog? No 
doubt that had some kind of allegorical purpose, but I just didn't buy it 
for an instant. I read it as a child, too, I think - well, as a junior teen, 
maybe. I think Eleanor Farjeon had a touch of the same fey quality about 
some of her work, though I do love "Faithful Jenny Dove". 

Now DWJ, I buy what SHE tells me, but she's never fey. Only fiendish. 

Sally O

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