[DWJ] RE :Fire and Hemlock - help please!

Farah Mendlesohn farah.sf at gmail.com
Wed May 27 14:39:54 EDT 2009

2009/5/27 Dorian E. Gray <dorianegray at gmail.com>

> Minnow said...
>  As I understand it those books were very carefully chosen by the author of
>> F&H for their content.  Perhaps *The Little White Horse* doesn't quite
>> carry the same message as *Henrietta's House*.
> This is, in fact, overtly stated in F&H, towards the end - I think on
> Laurel's train; Polly says something about not understanding and Tom says "I
> sent you enough books about it."  So yes, there must be something specific
> about "Henrietta's House" that "The Little White Horse" doesn't have, in
> this context.
> \

Hi, I go through every book in the final chapter of my book. They come in
clusters and each cluster focuses on something different. I actually read
the lot. They make a fine Intro Writer's course.

Maybe one day we shoudl start a book group here, going through the books,
one by one?


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