[DWJ] Fire and Hemlock - help please!

Victoria dragonflygreen11 at yahoo.com
Wed May 27 11:49:02 EDT 2009

Elizabeth Parks wrote:

>I hit send before I meant to, but all else I was really going to say
was that I've been reading The Golden Bough on and off in bits and
pieces for about five years, and I love it.  It's kind of like a
serious version of the Tough Guide: an imperfect guide book to a great
deal of things that show up in fiction and fantasy and myth.


The Golden Bough took me three years, which is probably the slowest I've ever gone through a book in my life.  I found it utterly fascinating but quite dense and slow going, and was proud of myself when I finished.  I was of course particularly interested in the bits that relate most closely to Fire and Hemlock--"Kings Killed at the End of a Fixed Term", and so forth.

Also, wasn't Lord of the Rings mentioned in F&H?  I don't have the book in front of me just now, but I seem to remember it as the inspiration for Polly's embarrassingly bad story featuring "the silken skin of his back".

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