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Jennifer Rowland janamouse at hotmail.com
Wed May 27 05:29:10 EDT 2009

Katta wrote:
> And, coming to think of it, that's part of the appeal of a 
> second (and third, and fourth) read for me, being able to 
> go back to exactly the same situation and see what you 
> discover in it after you've grown and changed yourself. I 
> often wish real life had that option - instead I'm utterly 
> stuck in how my six-year-old self saw my six-year-old life.

I knew somebody would express this better than I could if I just waited a day...
Some books are guilty-pleasure rereads- Mercedes Lackey puts me right back into the teenage mindset- but a book that's got enough in it that it seems to open up as you grow is a joy. I loved Pride And Prejudice as a teenager, for the romance and the witty asides and the horrible relatives- Mrs Bennett, urgh- but the older I get the more I see. (The portrait of Mr Bennett gets more pointed every time I read it.) I have to wait a couple of years between guilty-pleasure rereads so I forget the plot a bit, but there are some books you can read twice in a row and enjoy as much the second time.

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