[DWJ] Elizabeth Goudge

jodel at aol.com jodel at aol.com
Tue May 26 19:28:46 EDT 2009

I'm not altogether sure that I've read all of EG's juveniles. I had a 
Goudge fan pushing them at me at one point, but since she, like I, grew 
up in SoCal, I can't be altogether confident that she had ever come 
across them all. Not all British children's books get routinely 
released on this side of the pond.

I know of around a half-dozen or so. Of which 'Linnets and Valarians' 
was the most recent that I ever got hold of (released in '64).

That was the one I found the most tolerable, and if I squint it appears 
to have a family resemblance to 'Wilkin's Tooth'.  Only not all that 

The others I've read are: the aforementioned 'Henrietta's House', 'The 
Little White Horse', 'The Valley of Song' (my friends favorite), and 
one that I am pretty sure is the one listed on Wikipedia as 'Smokey 
House'. In any case, it took place in yet another earthly paradise in 
the West country and the little flaw had to do with smugglers.

There are four others listed as juveniles, one a Christmas story, and 
 from the title I would expect one of the others to be so as well. But 
there is also something entitled 'Make Believe' which is unfamilar to 
me and an older one called 'The Well of the Star' which I may have 
read, but if so it totally escapes me.

She wrote rather a lot of anthologies, but I don't think I ever 
encountered any of them. I'll have to admit that I never went in for 
'inspirational reading' which the little I have read of her work  bears 
rather too strong a resemblance to for my palate.

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