[DWJ] The Treasure Seekers

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue May 26 14:36:04 EDT 2009

Aimee wrote:

>Oh! Oh! I am reading The Treasure Seekers for the first time at the
>Silent Reading with Yr 8s is not so silent when the teacher is
>laughing out loud.
>Such well written children - it reads exactly like a real child wrote
>it - a definite *character's* voice!
>Loving it. Even more than The Enchanted Castle, which I read for the
>first time before this one.
>Albert-Next-Door's Uncle is great.

For a long time as a child I thought the E in Nesbit must be for Edward or
Eric, because clearly the first-person author of Oswald must be male.  I
was quite startled when I discovered it was a Gurl wot wrote those books
because I asked my big brother and he wasn't sure whether it was Enid or

Terrific writer.  I loved *The Magic City* best of all, and *The Railway
Children* next after it, long before the film made that popular and I
didn't want to see the film because I was sure it would spoil the book for


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