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Definitely the characters, unless the author writes autobiographical books (and thus IS a character). I think looking at a character as an offshoot of the author is pretty risky - I mean, Agatha Christie found Hercule Poirot a royal pain, and that doesn't stop me from liking him. :-)

I don't know that I'd agree with the statement, though. I was utterly gleeful when Howl "changed" in the latest of his books! *g* If anything, characters tend to change MORE than real-life people, though the more extreme examples I can think of are from TV shows rather than books. And sometimes they let me down, like Susan in The Last Battle and Lupin in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows... (Though, admittedly, that reflects on the authors too.) But I guess they'll only ever let me down on a first read... and any changing they do after that is because I've changed as a reader.

And, coming to think of it, that's part of the appeal of a second (and third, and fourth) read for me, being able to go back to exactly the same situation and see what you discover in it after you've grown and changed yourself. I often wish real life had that option - instead I'm utterly stuck in how my six-year-old self saw my six-year-old life.


> Me again, still chugging on with my Reason to Write book. I'm doing a bit on 
> adults who still read children's books for pleasure. 
> About books by DWJ (or other writers, if you have other favourites...) 
> Do you feel more connection/friendship with the CHARACTER(S) or with the 
> AUTHOR? I mean, do you see the characters as being offshoots of their 
> author, or do you love (say) Polly or Mig or Howl while feeling nothing 
> particular (except gratitude that she wrote books) about DWJ? 
> Also, would you agree/disagree with the following statement. 
> Characters known in books and still loved are my friends. Part of the appeal 
> is that they will never let me down and will never change. 
> Thanks a million 
> Sally O from Tassie
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