[DWJ] Fire and Hemlock - help please!

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Tue May 26 12:28:17 EDT 2009

'Henrietta's House' is by Elizabeth Goudge (she of 'The Little White 
Horse') and it is another of her depictions of an earthly paradise with 
one eentsy-weentsy flaw that gets resolved in the course of the story. 
I think it may be a parable of what one must do to be fit to enter into 
heaven, but since it isn't blatantly hitting you over the head with 
overt theology-speak it may be possible to read it straight. I find it 
the least satisfactory of Goudge's juveniles. But then I have a limited 
tolerance for, and willingness to suspend belief for earthly paradises.

Otoh, a friend of mine grew up loving all of Goudge's juveniles and the 
icky-sticky sweetness of most of them was apparantly part of the charm. 
I gather that they were quite popular in their day -- which was really 
quite extended. I think they span something close to 30 years.

I've read all of the Christmas box books, but some not until I was well 
into my 30s or 40s. (I'm not sure that the 'Wolves of Willoughby Chase' 
was even written until I was out of college.)

I've read a good many of the others as well, but not all of them.

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