[DWJ] Fire and Hemlock - help please!

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Firstly, I find I have neglected to visit the conference website. I have no
excuse or explanation for this. I'm busily writing up my paper, but haven't
registered yet. Will be rectified at once.

Second, WOW. This is going to be fun. I hate parallel sessions, it's always
so hard to choose, but I'm impressed by the response and by the program!

Third, yes, yes, you're right! That is a sliver of my Tali's face! (Though
by now she is a very tall six year old, and baby status has shifted to her
little brother)

Thank you Charlie!

(And don't worry, not that kind of love)

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2009/5/26 Gili Bar-Hillel <gbhillel at netvision.net.il>

> You are a lifesaver! I LOVE the internet, and I LOVE this list, and I LOVE
> Hallie.

*is jealous* Hands off - she's spoken for!

Though just for fun it might be nice to see a complete list and how many
> we've read, wouldn't it? I don't think I've ever even heard of
> House", but I've read all the others from this batch.

It would be fun.  As for Henrietta's House, it goes to show that DWJ was
recoomending Elizabeth Goudge long before JKR!


PS Gili - did you recognize your baby's face on the home page of the
conference web site?

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