[DWJ] Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell [the audiobook]

Kait Bessing kait.bessing at comhem.se
Wed May 20 04:57:42 EDT 2009

In Sweden too there are talking-books that you borrow from the library. They 
may NOT be purchased or sold, and may only be lent to people whose medical 
condition warrant it (people with visual disabilities, dyslexic people, and 
people who can't hold a book or turn pages, for instance).

By an exception (not the correct word, but I can't remember what it should 
be) in the copyright law, such books are produced without any payment to the 
authors or publishers, as otherwise they would be too expensive to produce. 
That's why all the restrictions about not selling them. They are read by 
professional readers, not by volunteers.

Audio books differ from talking-books in that they are bought and sold, they 
provide payment to authors etc, and they are often read by professional 


Sally Odgers wrote:
>> Commercial companies use actors, but Hear-a-Book, which provides
>> books free through the library system (and you need a doctors'
>> certificate to get one) uses volunteers. I have cause to know 'cos
>> my books Aurora and Shadowdancers were both done by a com. Company,
>> while Anna's Own was done for the Hear-a-Books. I was send a comp.
>> copy of the first two, but had to purchase a copy of Anna's Own...
>> with difficulty, since I don't have any medical condition that
>> "warrants" me being allowed to have one! I have a Braille copy of
>> "Down River" too... and I DID hear one of my other books was
>> available in audio, but I never saw a copy of it. No payment is made
>> to the authors.
>> Sallyo
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