[DWJ] Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell [the audiobook]

Sally Odgers sodgers at Iinet.net.au
Sun May 17 21:09:55 EDT 2009

>> Talking books are so much more popular these days that I imagine
>> there is a much better commercial selection, so that volunteers may
>> be less needed. I am only guessing there, though.
>> Helen Schinske

Commercial companies use actors, but Hear-a-Book, which provides books free
through the library system (and you need a doctors' certificate to get one)
uses volunteers. I have cause to know 'cos my books Aurora and Shadowdancers
were both done by a com. Company, while Anna's Own was done for the
Hear-a-Books. I was send a comp. copy of the first two, but had to purchase
a copy of Anna's Own... with difficulty, since I don't have any medical
condition that "warrants" me being allowed to have one! I have a Braille
copy of "Down River" too... and I DID hear one of my other books was
available in audio, but I never saw a copy of it. No payment is made to the

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