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I wound up as Kathleen from Dogsbody, which is...interesting.  Dogsbody
used to be one of my favorites, but I haven't read it in quite a while,
now.  Perhaps I'll have to go back and revisit.

And, for the record, my favorite DWJs are Fire and Hemlock, Deep Secret, and probably Time of the Ghost (or possibly Hexwood...or possibly Howl's Moving Castle).  And I'm finally reading House of Many Ways!  I had been stubbornly waiting for the paperback, but finally realized I could borrow it from the library meanwhile.

Let the heart complete the pattern.

Kyla Mackay-Smith wrote:

And then, going back to the actual subject line, I did like the article, but I think the whole problem (and the reason the author was assailed in the pub) comes down to the first two sentences: "When the children's laureates went public recently with their favourite children's books of all time, I racked my brains and soul-searched for my own top seven. There was no question that Diana Wynne Jones would be in there somewhere, and after careful consideration, I lit upon Howl's Moving Castle as her greatest hit." The laureates chose their *favorites*; the author uses the phrase "greatest hit." Which can either mean "most popular," or "best." I'm always interested to read people's favorite DWJ books, usually when we're doing the introductions (which I forgot to do this time, sorry), because they vary so greatly, both on which specific books get chosen and the combinations.

For example, my top three DWJ are Hexwood, Deep Secret, and...and...::goes to look at bookshelves:: Year of the Griffin, maybe. And I have a fondness for The Ogre Downstairs. But I know lots of people who don't really like YotG, and plenty who think Dogsbody is awesome, and I've probably read that one the fewest number of times (except for The Pinhoe Egg and The Game, but that doesn't count because they still came out comparatively recently and I haven't gotten around to it). I'll never argue if someone calls a book a favorite, but I might if they suggest it's the best, particularly from somone as prolific as DWJ. (I won't argue if someone calls The Perilous Gard Elizabeth Marie Pope's best book, because as far as I know she only wrote two, and Perilous Gard is brilliant and amazing, and The Sherwood Ring is a nice book.)

Ooh, hey, I wrote a lot. :^) It's probably time to reread some more DWJ (I reread Magicians of Caprona a month or so ago when I was having a stressful time, and it completely did its job), but I've got the new Tamora Pierce (Bloodhound) to read, so that takes precedence. :^)

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