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Mon May 11 11:42:17 EDT 2009

I'm Luke, too.  I'm always Luke.  I pretend I don't know why.  :)

Melissa Proffitt

On Sat, 9 May 2009 10:19:43 -0600, Elizabeth Parks wrote:

>I got Luke, from Eight Days of. . . I'm not sure how accurate I want
>that to be ;)
>My top three would be:
>Lives of Christopher Chant
>Archer's Goon.
>so I guess I am a bit like Luke--bending the rules for my own purposes ;)
>> And then, going back to the actual subject line, I did like the article, but
>> I think the whole problem (and the reason the author was assailed in the
>> pub) comes down to the first two sentences: "When the children's laureates
>> went public recently with their favourite children's books of all time, I
>> racked my brains and soul-searched for my own top seven. There was no
>> question that Diana Wynne Jones would be in there somewhere, and after
>> careful consideration, I lit upon Howl's Moving Castle as her greatest hit."
>> The laureates chose their *favorites*; the author uses the phrase "greatest
>> hit." Which can either mean "most popular," or "best." I'm always interested
>> to read people's favorite DWJ books, usually when we're doing the
>> introductions (which I forgot to do this time, sorry), because they vary so
>> greatly, both on which specific books get chosen and the combinations.
>> For example, my top three DWJ are Hexwood, Deep Secret, and...and...::goes
>> to look at bookshelves:: Year of the Griffin, maybe. And I have a fondness
>> for The Ogre Downstairs. But I know lots of people who don't really like
>> YotG, and plenty who think Dogsbody is awesome, and I've probably read that
>> one the fewest number of times (except for The Pinhoe Egg and The Game, but
>> that doesn't count because they still came out comparatively recently and I
>> haven't gotten around to it). I'll never argue if someone calls a book a
>> favorite, but I might if they suggest it's the best, particularly from
>> somone as prolific as DWJ. (I won't argue if someone calls The Perilous Gard
>> Elizabeth Marie Pope's best book, because as far as I know she only wrote
>> two, and Perilous Gard is brilliant and amazing, and The Sherwood Ring is a
>> nice book.)
>> Ooh, hey, I wrote a lot. :^) It's probably time to reread some more DWJ (I
>> reread Magicians of Caprona a month or so ago when I was having a stressful
>> time, and it completely did its job), but I've got the new Tamora Pierce
>> (Bloodhound) to read, so that takes precedence. :^)
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