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> Helen Schinske wrote:
>>I could
>> *maybe* see this kind of thing being let >go when it's a volunteer
>> reading for Books for the Blind or >something like that.
> And why should blind people be expected to put up with lower standards of 
> reading?

They shouldn't -- but the charity I'm thinking of couldn't possibly afford 
to pay professional readers, so the clients put up with lower production 
standards in order to get a vastly wider selection of materials than would 
otherwise be available. I do know at least one volunteer who used to read 
for them who has a very charming voice -- I could listen to her all day. She 
was in my mother's writers' group, and the other women used to joke that 
Mary shouldn't get to read her own stuff aloud, as it made her sound so much 
better than the rest of them that it was harder to figure out what to 

Talking books are so much more popular these days that I imagine there is a 
much better commercial selection, so that volunteers may be less needed. I 
am only guessing there, though.

Helen Schinske 

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