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> Jackie wrote:
>>oooh, no I haven't, but I just went and looked her up and her books look
>>interesting!  I'll have to check them out.
> If you do, for the first book at least avoid the later editions, because
> the rather interesting passion that the small brother has for salt (he
> wants  to have it put in a heap on the edge of the kitchen table so he can
> lick it, then wants "more salt boy!" so they divide the  heap in half
> rather than giving him twice as much, and leave him "hppily bouncing from
> one end of the table to the other") has been changed for some reason to
> sugar, which is dull, dull, dull of them and  I can't think why they did
> it.

Oh, I didn't know about that change. Some of the editions of Wish for a Pony 
have all the exclamations in CAPITALS, which is quite annoying: "Isn't 
Dickon SWEET!", "Oh, THANK you, Mummy!" and that sort of thing. That one and 
No Mistaking Corker are really very different in tone to the rest of them, 
and less original (though I like them both). I think my first one was Black 
Hunting Whip.

I do get exhausted reading them sometimes: all her characters have an 
extraordinary amount of energy. It's almost a relief when they get flu or 
concussion or broken bones. And though I like Jim Decks, there is a little 
too much of him over the years.

Helen Schinske, looking forward to Dolphin Summer, which I haven't got yet

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