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I've been riding for 26 years (I'm 31), and for several of them I did  
it professionally. Horses are like crack - they're expensive,  
addictive and dangerous. Once you're hooked, few people come out the  
other side... However if you don't 'get it' from the start then you  
probably never will. There is for some people an element of  
unconditional love (not with my old sod of a horse, admittedly), and  
for some it's controlling a big powerful animal (again, my old chap  
would have something to say about that, he very firmly trained me when  
I got him 22 years ago and is still in charge) and for some it's just  

Anyone else read 'the big book of lesbian horse stories'? That's  
hysterically funny.

I've not heard of vinegar on the backside, but then since I've been  
riding so long I suspect my backside is tough as old boots anyway and  
has been for years. You do put surgical spirit on the horse's skin if  
it needs toughening up, so it might be something similar to that.


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>> ObDWJ: DWJ does not strike me as a particularly horsey kind of  
>> author. The
>> only horse I can think of is the one in "Fire and Hemlock" who is  
>> not half
>> as fleshed out as the car that succeeds him.
> But Gili, you've forgotten the COUNTESS! (Who is a gelding, IIRC.)
> I have always been dubious about the benefits of vinegar on the  
> behind after riding. Too dubious to try it (either the riding, not  
> that I can afford it anyway, or the vinegar). Did DWJ make it up?
> Helen Schinske
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