[DWJ] Con stuff (Was: Re: Dwj Digest, Vol 46, Issue 11)

Chris Dollin eh at electrichedgehog.net
Tue Jun 23 12:44:39 EDT 2009

On Tuesday 23 June 2009, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

> Hi Liz!  Glad you delurked so you'll be recognizable as a lister next week.
> Charlie *just* took me up to the Frenchay campus to see where the rooms
> we'll have are, where the food will be, where the bus stops are, etc.   

Ha! You'll have been about half-a-mile from me, then. (Not on campus. Not
/that/ campus.)

Far-Fetched Hedgehog
"Who do you serve, and who do you trust?" /Crusade/

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